Angela Olson epitomized women’s bodybuilding at Muscle Mayhem

By Jim Evans   (July 2012)

Women’s natural bodybuilding is not about just looking fit or looking good in a bikini but, rather, it is about showing some good old-fashioned female muscle – in other words, building your body. There’s nothing wrong with fitness or figure or bikini, of course – they each have the respective merits - but bodybuilding is bodybuilding, and there are far too many female competitors crossing back and forth between categories and confusing the issue. It becomes confusing to the judges, too, to try to place the same competitors in totally different classes after they have already judged the competitors according to different criteria. To put it plainly, ladies, you can’t have it both ways and expect to be a winner.

Muscle Mayhem open champion Angela Olson made it very clear at last weekend’s contest in Sacramento that she was a bodybuilder, plain and simple. There was no confusion whatsoever. She is very small-boned and was not nearly as big as some of her competitors but displayed great symmetry and definition. More than anything else, however, she won the overall open women’s bodybuilding title because of her muscular development. She portrayed herself as a bodybuilder, and she looked it.

Olson was fresh from her victory at the INBA Mr. & Ms. Los Angeles Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships just two weeks earlier in the Masters Women class. Her posing at Muscle Mayhem was sharp and confident, but Krissy Burton took home the “Best Poser” honors despite finishing out of the top five of this fine overall field of contestants:

1st Angela Olson *** IFPA Pro Card ***
2nd Rebecca Kimball
Seira Salemon
Chandrena Perazzo
5th – Cara Raymond
6th – Julie Pryde
Krissy Burton ** Best Poser**

Angela won her IFPA Pro Card along with the rest of her hardware and should be on everybody’s watch list as a future winner on the pro circuit. The Natural Female Bodybuilding Coalition (NFBC) must have been proud to see another real bodybuilder entering the pro ranks.

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