T/E Ratios and Steroids: The Gray Areas of Athletics


Frank D. Georgiana Jr

Frank D. Georgiana Jr., Library Assistant at Penn State University, Fayette, The Eberly Campus in Uniontown, PA presented a faculty colloquium at the campus on April 13, 2006. The seminar was entitled, "T/E Ratios and Steroids: The Gray Areas of Athletics."

In conjunction with his presentation, he wrote a "Guest Commentary" entitled "Steroids Continue to Pose Great Health Risks, Particularly Among the Young." This editorial was published in the May 24, 2006 edition of the Uniontown Herald-Standard Newspaper. Also, two other guest commentaries regarding steroids and gene therapy as a performance-enhancing drug were written by Frank and printed in the Herald-Standard in July and August 2005.

Frank did extensive research over eight months. His document is 145 pages in length.

Frank gathered knowledge from medical and scientific experts, collegiate and professional sports organizations and athletes who took anabolic-androgenic steroids. His findings were educational, informative and new. For example, the popular nutritional supplement, creatine, will cause kidney damage if taken on a daily basis. After the initial loading phase of creatine, the supplement should be taken for ten days on, then ten days off to avoid damage to one's kidneys. This new fact is according to the only board-certified endocrinologist/nutritionist in Western Pennsylvania, Dr. Ramesh Khurana.

Frank has been studying kinesiology, applied nutritional biochemistry and the other biological sciences that relates to athletic performance since 1965. He is consistently updating and adding information to his present work. Frank is currently seeking a book publisher.

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