Pumping iron with Condoleezza Rice

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will flex more than her diplomatic muscles when she demonstrates her personal workout regime on network television this week.
In an unusual departure for such a high-profile official, Rice not only pumps some iron, but also discusses how she manages to stay fit during her continual globetrotting and reveals strategies for coping with high-calorie banquets.

"She is tough, I have to tell you," said Barbara Harrison, a news co-anchor with the NBC4 channel in Washington who persuaded Rice, 51, to put on her gym sweats and participate in a regular segment on health and fitness.
"She is amazing. The amount of weights she handles and the endurance she has ... As a person who has exercised all my life, I was very impressed," said Harrison, who joined in the workout at the State Department gym with Rice and her personal trainer.
"She looks good throughout the whole workout," Harrison added.
Americans wanting to catch a glimpse of their chief diplomat breaking a sweat will have to get up early.
The relevant news segments -- each lasting a few minutes -- will be broadcast over three days, with each one starting at 5:45 am (1045 GMT).
According to Harrison, Rice talks about managing her fitness regime when traveling and how, during official banquets, she manages to stay within her calorie range "and not insult anybody by not eating something that they've gone to great lengths to prepare."
Harrison said she hoped the segments would inspire others with hectic work lives to keep in shape.
"We see her as one of the busiest people in the world," she said. "The fact that she can squeeze in a workout in the middle of her incredible schedule, suggests the rest of us should be able to do the same thing."