In 1983, I had the pleasure of training with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the original Worlds Gym in Santa Monica, California. One thing about Arnold that stood out among the other champs was his ability to feel an exercise deeply into his muscles. Watching him train you could see the fullness of his muscular structure with each rep he willed his body to perform. We both trained with medium to heavy poundages performing each repetition through a full range of motion. Arnold liked to joke around between sets, and occasionally would send a few words accross the gym to where Franco Columbu was training just to get him going. Franco, who has a great sense of humor would always swipe back at Schwarzenegger, sending the gyms members into an uproar. Bodybuilding to Arnold was a celebration of life with each day bringing more joy to his life.


The embodiment of personal responsibility, discipline, and commitment to a life built on the foundations of optimal wellbeing and impressive corporal aesthetics. Mario Strong's book tells the story of a mans life, his trials, disappointments and inspiring successes in the pursuit of becoming a champion in the field of bodybuilding, a sport that later had to have "Natural" preface the name to differentiate it from the drugs that came to soften its chiseled and Herculean image.
Reflections of a Natural Bodybuilder is a human-interest story about one man's insight into the world of bodybuilding. This compelling book explores how Staten Island bodybuilder Mario Strong implements his passion for natural bodybuilding to achieve his quest of health, strength, and longevity. However, his path towards accomplishing these goals is seen not without obstacles as he chronicles his unique history in a sport filled with nostalgia, hope, humor, ego, deceit, pharmaceuticals, pain, and death. Reflections of a Natural Bodybuilder also features tons of beneficial advice. From muscle-building workouts to fat-loss programs, you will find its in-depth natural bodybuilding guide not only informative, but also entertaining and inspirational as well. This fully illustrated book is a must read for the layman and athlete alike!